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The purpose of this site is to share knowledge and thoughts on tracing the following families.  Most of what is on this site I hold evidence to prove but some of it consists of my thoughts and old family stories passed on to me over the years with no documented proof.

Select a Surname for further information on my connection to that family:-

Campbell . Cotes/Coates . Crofts . Digby . Farley . Farrell . Gibson . Gray . Gutterson (Outterson) . Hastings . Higgins . Hoare/Hore . Killalea/Killilea/Killelea . Love . Maxella/McSellez . Murphy . Richardson . Rosiglio . Scott . Seymour . Slang/Slange . Smith . Wilson .

Other surnames which appear to be connected to the above or I hold information about in old documents:-

Adams . Degan/Deegan Mitchell . Rolright/Rolwright . Stretle/Strettle . Whitley .

Although I'm an Aussie, my tree already consists of the above mixture of convicts (mainly Irish), English aristocrats, Scottish, German, Indian together with a possibility of Italian royalty that I was told about as a youngster but starting to obtain evidence of now.  One of the convicts became a councillor and has a State Park & Beach named after him South of Sydney.   Another convict's son quickly became one of the wealthiest people in the colony at the time of his death in the late 1800's.

Most of my wealthy English ancestors appear to have quickly lost their fortune in Australia and I’m amazed at the names appearing in that side of the family.  It is also very interesting to find out now who in that line had illegitimate children I descend from and also explains some of the old items held by various family members here in Australia.  I think my mother would be horrified if she was still alive at what I have found out about her line in recent years.

After almost 25 years of working on my family tree I have come to the conclusion that I should have been much more open-minded than I ever imagined necessary before I started. The further I go the more surprises come to light and I have even found out that both my father and grandfather had the wrong surname.

Over recent years I have been handed numerous documents and old letters together with photos of old portraits brought to Australia by my ancestors.  At this point in time I am only trying to piece together a lot of the information but feel a Web Site is ideal to share this information with others around the World.  Many of the names mentioned in the documents and letters I cannot connect to my ancestors but the information may be of interest to others, especially anybody with Smith ancestors coming from Worcester or Surrey in England or connections with Gray's who were in India in the mid 1800’s.

To try and simplify this, I will list all the names involved at the top of this page and make direct links to the section of this site the information can be found in.  The majority of the Surnames are those of my ancestors but some are people mentioned in letters or documents I have in my possession, probably relatives of my ancestors in most instances.

Hopefully there are not too may mistakes (I'm far from the Worlds most accurate typist) in the information I have on this site but if anybody is aware of mistakes could they please let me know and I will correct it.  Also, should there be anything which offends anybody could they also let me know and I will happily remove it but I have purposely avoided adding birth dates for people listed who are still living.



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