Joseph Killalea (Hore) (1887 - 1957) - My grandfather.

John Killalea (1848 - 1887)  - My g-grandfather.

Edward Killalea/Killilea (*Convict*) (Abt.1815 - 1872)  - My g-g-grandfather

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2014  The "World Kill*lea Reunion was held at Shellharbour, Australia on 10th - 12th October. (Over 80 attended).
2012. Kill*lea "Get-Together" in Galway, Ireland.  This event was held Wednesday 20th - Friday 22nd June 2012.
2011 Three Killalea family members attended the 150th Anniversary of the "Stella Maris" Catholic Church at Shellharbour on 14th of August 2011.  The Church is one of the oldest stone buildings in the town and the oldest Church in the municipality.  A baptismal font was donated to the Church by a Killalea family member.
2009  National Surfing Reserve Ceremony, Family Reunion and "Save Killalea" Protest Rally.  (70 Descendants attended)
1997  At this reunion we placed a plaque at the Killalea house site near Killalea Beach and Killalea Lagoon in memory of Edward, Maria and their 12 children that we descend from.  (120 descendants attended)
1986  This was our first reunion.  (110 descendants attended)
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DNA TESTING & RESULTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD Patrick Killalea in USA has set up a web-page which could be of interest to all Killilea - Killalea - Killelea - Kilalea - Killaleagh - Killela - Kellelea - etc males with a direct male Killalea line.  Well this could prove it anyway and it would be interesting to see more results posted there in the next few months.

Any Killalea/Killelea/Killilea etc family member who is registered on "Facebook" should check out "Killalea Klans Unite!".  There are family members overseas who are interested in organizing a World wide Killalea Reunion at Killalea Beach, NSW, Australia.  Should you be interested it would help if you would make a comment on that site.

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TRIBUTES TO LEANNE KELLALEA Leanne sadly passed away on 17th June 2010 and was our main family researcher and reunion organiser.

KILLALEA STATE PARK & BEACH New South Wales, Australia - Named after Shellharbour councillor Edward Killalea.

KILLALEA BEACH WEATHER FORECAST  Check out the weather forecast for the next 5 days at Killalea Beach.

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KILLALEA STATE PARK PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT General information and links to other Web-Sites providing information on the proposed development in the area.

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KILLALEA MEDIA ARTICLES  A listing of all the Media Articles the Killalea family have found relating to Killalea State Park.

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KILLALEA POEM - Written when I was frustrated with my genealogy research several years ago, especially with Edward's wife Maria who has been a real problem.  About the same time the Shellharbour Council were contemplating changing the name of the beach.

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There is also a "Save Killalea" group on "Facebook" with almost 2,700 members which contains comments from people of all ages and also from other parts of the World providing support for those trying to stop any further development at Killalea State Park.  Examples of the comments can be found on this web-site for those who don't have access to "Facebook" and this shows a lot of support from the younger generations as well.

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Unfortunately our main Killalea researcher, reunion organiser and expert on all Killalea matters Leanne Kellalea passed away in 2010, so there is now a noticeable lack of up to date information on our site regarding the Killalea State Park proposed development.  No doubt what Leanne has written about the proposal in the past will help others understand the families thoughts and the sequence of events up until 2009. 

It was Leanne's wish to see Killalea State Park remain as a State Park for everybody to enjoy and the majority of Killalea family members will continue fighting to see that happen for Leanne's sake.

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