On the weekend of 14th - 15th August 2011 I met up with Leanne's two daughters Belinda and Natalie at Shellharbour to attend the 150th Anniversary of the "Stella Maris" Catholic Church.  The Church no doubt played a part in our family history and contains a font donated by Patrick Killalea (Son of Edward and Maria).  Additional information about the Church can be found on the 1997 Reunion page.

killaleareunion199710 This is the Baptismal Font in the "Stella Maris" Catholic Church which is of interest to members of the Killalea family.  killaleareunion199711
150th Cake
150th Anniversary Cake
Nat & Bel at font
Natalie & Belinda at Baptismal Font
Bel Terry & Nat at font
Belinda, Terry & Natalie at Font

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Historical Plaque located in Myimbarr Community Park

Whilst in Shellharbour over the weekend we also found the new plaque erected in the vicinity of the old Campbell property by the Historical Society to remember pioneer families of the area.

Nat Terry & Bel at plaque
Natalie, Terry & Belinda at Plaque
Campbell Plaque
Campbell Writing
Writing on Plaque about James Campbell

These historical plaques are being erected by Shellharbour City Council in conjunction with Tongarra Heritage Society Inc. in memory of pioneers of the area.  This plaque is in memory of James Campbell and Charles Inskip and located about 200 metres West of the entrance to the Shellharbour Club on the opposite side of the road in the gardens.

We are still not sure of the real connection between the Campells and Maria as she doesn't appear as a child on either James of his wife's death certificate but she was declared as "His daughter and next of kin" on other documents.  Maybe the Campbells had no children and looked upon her as their daughter as she appears to have had no other family in the area.

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