This was the first of 3 Killalea family reunions organised by Leanne but unfortunately a lot of those who attended this reunion are no longer with us including Leanne herself.

The idea of holding a reunion came about through a strange series of events (I think arranged by somebody above maybe) where Leanne, Steve, "Big Bob" Killelea and myself found each other whilst the search was on for information about my grandfather "Joseph Killalea".  This conveniently happened in the two years leading up to the 150th anniversary of Edward Killalea arriving in Australia as a convict.

110 Killalea family members attended this reunion and we all had a great weekend.  Not sure if "Coles" ever knew they supplied the banners, thanks to Bob who was working there at the time.

It was a totally different drive to get to Killalea Beach back then as what is now Shell Cove was paddocks with cattle grazing.
  killaleareunion198605 killaleareunion198606  
  killaleareunion198607 killaleareunion198608  

The family initially met before lunch and we were issued with coloured identification name tags Leanne had created for us all.  The colour indicating which branch we descended from and then our individual code derived from which child we come from in each generation.  We then had an informal picnic on the esplanade at Shellharbour in front of the hotel.  It was there that group family photos were taken of the various branches of the family attending and some of the 1st cousins in John's line met for the very first time.

killaleareunion198609 killaleareunion198610
killaleareunion198611 killaleareunion198612 killaleareunion198613
The oldest and youngest descendants

The evening function was more formal with a dinner again organised by Leanne.  The family charts were on the wall and there was also a display of family memorabilia.  Steve was MC and the weekend was a great success thanks to Leanne and all who helped her with the arrangements etc.

killaleareunion198615 killaleareunion198616


This was also Gordon & Nancy's
40th Wedding Anniversary.
killaleareunion198621 killaleareunion198622
This was the view when heading for Killalea State Park which is
quite a contrast to driving through Shell Cove these days.

Alice who was the oldest descendant at the reunion presented Leanne with a silver tray for all the work she put into organising the weekend.

Article which appeared on P9 of the "Illawarra Mercury"
 on Monday 6th October 1986.

Photo from p26 of the "Illawarra Mercury"
on Tuesday October 7th 1986

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