Held on 6th & 7th June 2009 @ Shellharbour, New South Wales.

This family reunion was also organised by Leanne Kellalea to coincide with Killalea Beach (also known as "The Farm") being declared a National Surfing Reserve together with the nearby "Mystics Beach".  Leanne was determined to go ahead and arrange it all, even with her major health problems but it was probably her way of coping and taking her mind off her own situation.  She did a fantastic job as usual and really enjoyed this which was to be her final Killalea Reunion.

The photos on this page came from various sources including family members (Lesley, Monica, Steve, Terry, Leanne, Wendy, Ian & Jeanette) together with photos sent to Leanne from Bernie who was a photographer at the Surfing Reserve Ceremony.

PHOTOS FROM SURFING RESERVE CEREMONY (Saturday Morning - 6th June 2009)

Marquees which were put up for this ceremony at the surfing area of Killalea Beach "The Farm"

Members of the Killalea family were invited to attend the unveiling of the plaques at "The Farm" & "Mystics Beach" and the weather couldn't have been better for the occasion.  A large percentage of the family members who attended travelled from Queensland and Victoria and enjoyed their weekend at Shellharbour.  Thanks must go to Leanne and all the others involved in organising this event.
  Steve making his speech on behalf of Killalea family
 killaleareunion200902  killaleareunion200903 killaleareunion200923
 Gathering at marquee used at
Surfing Ceremony
 Steve chatting with Aboriginal Elder
Reuben Brown
Members of other Killalea families attended
(Not descendants of Edward and Maria)
killaleareunion200924  killaleareunion200905 killaleareunion200925
Large group (Mainly Killalea descendants)
posing for a photo at the plaque
 Group standing behind
 Surfing Reserve Plaque
Chris Homer who was the instigator of
the two National Surfing Reserves
killaleareunion200904 killaleareunion200926 killaleareunion200906
Youngest Killalea descendant at ceremony
standing on the rock
Family members chatting after the ceremony Surfing Reserve Plaque now at both
"The Farm" & "Mystics Beach"

*** *** ***

PHOTOS FROM REUNION DINNER (Saturday Evening - 6th June 2009) 

The dinner was held in the "Killalea Room" at the Shellharbour Worker's Club.  Where else could the Killalea's hold such a function when there is a room there with our name on it and the right size?  The staff at the club catered for the function very well and even put an Irish touch to the menu for us.

killaleareunion200907 killaleareunion200927 killaleareunion200928 killaleareunion200929
Sign at the bottom of the steps
 leading to the "Killalea Room"
Outside the "Killalea Room"
 at Shellharbour Workers Club
Wendi getting organised for
 the evening function 
Killalea "Family Tree" charts
 and other displays
Display of "Save Killalea" protests and goings
 on over recent years with Killalea State Park
Tables set up for the evening   Family members at the evening function


Killalea family members with charts of each branch of the family shown on the wall behind

killaleareunion200910 killaleareunion200911
Thomas's line (Blue Name Tags) John's line (Red Name Tags)
killaleareunion200912 killaleareunion200913
Michael's line (Green Name Tags) Catherine's line (Purple Name Tags)
killaleareunion200932 killaleareunion200933 killaleareunion200934
Steve talking to the family Steve with youngest descendant - Blair  Steve with oldest descendant - Joyce

*** *** ***

PHOTOS FROM PROTEST (Sunday Morning - 7th June 2009)

About 50 Killalea family members managed to get up in time Sunday morning to join a protest rally to show others we also object to any major development at Killalea State Park. 

Steve spoke on behalf of the family to let others known we feel any development will totally ruin the natural landscape and seascape views everybody now enjoys in the park, especially in the vicinity of the kiosk, car park and rotunda.

Reuben Brown (Aboriginal Elder of the area) together with other members of the aboriginal community joined the family at the protest.  Leanne was able to pass on to Reuben a story told to her by her grandfather about how well Reuben's ancestors and the Killalea family got on in the early days.

The park is a beautiful place and should remain as a natural setting for everybody to enjoy (not just our family) for generations to come.
killaleareunion200915 killaleareunion200916 killaleareunion200917 killaleareunion200918

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killaleareunion200901 killaleareunion200919 killaleareunion200920
Michael & Rory at the Killalea family plaque
also located near the beach
Looks like Leanne has spotted something on
the beach.   Could it be some of the gold?
Members of Leanne's family
on Killalea Beach
Steve at the sign showing
"The Farm" & "Mystics"
killaleareunion200935 killaleareunion200940
Steve and his family at the
National Surfing Reserve plaque
(Could that be the same little kid asleep in his
 mother's arms at the 1986 Killalea Reunion?)
  Wendy & her family  
killaleareunion200939 killaleareunion200936 killaleareunion200938
"Killalea Drive" which is the roadway through
Shell Cove to Killalea State Park
Killalea Beach "The Farm" which proves
 the weather was perfect for the day
View of Killalea Beach taken about 100 metres
 from where Edward and Maria lived


Several members of John Killalea's (Red) line decided to spend the weekend together in Killalea State Park and are now considering making it an annual event.

killaleareunion200941 killaleareunion200942 killaleareunnion200942
killaleareunion200944 killaleareunion200945 killaleareunion200946

This page has been made up mainly using photos sent to Leanne after the reunion which she insisted I have a copy of the last time I visited her.  I know she wanted to make a CD/DVD of the reunion using the photos but unfortunately her health deteriorated to a point where she was unable to do so before her death, so I have posted some of them here for all to see.

I think more than ever we have to consider another reunion somewhere down the track, especially now there is to be a "Killalea Gathering" in Ireland in 2012 with some of our family interested in attending.  I also know that a few Kill*leas from overseas were interested in attending our 2009 reunion but with the usual government indecision/uncertainty on actual dates for the Surfing Reserve Ceremony, that was unfortunately out of the question.  It was bad enough having so many family members attending from interstate working on a tentative date that nobody in authority wanted to confirm.

Hopefully some of us will get to Ireland in 2012 and then I feel we should extend a welcome to other Kill*leas from around the World to our next reunion here in Australia.  What do others think?

Previous Killalea Reunions 19861997 (I have found additional photos to add here too and hope to extract something from the Church Service at "Stella Maris" Catholic Church in 1997 as it is their 150th this year.)

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